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Frank Wilem is co-host of Gulf South Outdoors with his zeal for fishing. Over the years, he has filmed exciting moments catching Billfish, Wahoo, and Tuna and more. When not fishing, his love for the sea is captured in the four books he has authored: The Keys, The Pass, The Aral, and Tears of Coral. A good family man you can see sharing his adventures with his daughter, Brittany, on Gulf South Outdoors. You can also catch him as the host of Hook It & Cook It.

Brittany Wilem

Brittany Wilem is a co-host of Gulf South Outdoors and has grown up fishing right next to her dad. Her love for the sea has only grown stronger throughout the years as she has competed in tournaments, world championships, and even broken world records. Fishing, scuba diving, underwater photography, and anything that involves being around water is where Brittany’s passion lies.