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Pro Staff

At Gulf South Outdoors, we LOVE the outdoors and the adventures we are blessed to experience. We enjoy meeting new people and getting to share in the fun with them. There's not many things better than watching a close friend or even someone you have just met hook up on a monster fish or take down their first deer on a hunt. We also know there are a lot of other skilled outdoorsman who share this same love and passion. If that's you, we look forward to receiving your application and hope to be adding you to our team!
Levels of Pro Staff:
  • Promo – Everyone accepted will be added to this tier of the team
  • Pro – This will be the second tier of the program and will be a smaller team
Send an email to and we will forward you a short application to send back.

If you fish big tournaments regularly, let us know in your application.

Partial or incomplete applications will be reviewed last or altogether skipped. While we review the application, keep posting and start tagging us. Actively posting on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) is very important to us. The more engagement we see the better the chance you’ll get selected.

Charter captain or guide? Contact us to find out about our Charter Team.