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The Pass

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The Pass - Hard Back By Author Frank Wilem


FACT: The same tsunami that devastated Thailand in 2004 exposed a dirty secret in Somalia: For twenty years, European countries had dumped nuclear and industrial toxic wastes off their coast, killing and sickening hundreds of locals. As retribution, Somali pirates have taken hundreds of innocent hostages, and cost the shipping industry billions of dollars in ransom and increased operations costs. Quint and Dawson’s team is just settling into their new home, an abandoned World War II Nazi sub base on an island just off the coast of Cuba, when they learn one of their own has been kidnapped by pirates in Somalia. Appalled by the violent lawlessness of these desperate savages, the team sets off, bent on rescuing their friend and putting an end to the Somali pirates’ reign of terror. Things heat up quickly as the team struggles for their lives, caught between bloodthirsty pirates and a crazed nemesis seeking to settle an old score.

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